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Client Testimonials

Hear from some of our clients about our service and how we've helped take the hassle out of resolving their complaints.

Jonathan & Laura, Neutral Bay NSW

Complaint: Accommodation booked and paid for but not what was advertised on the internet

"You have nothing to lose! We can't think of any downside to engaging Handle My Complaint in any complaint resolution situation. The experience was an absolute pleasure and required practically zero effort on our side. We sat back and waited for our refund while Handle My Complaint did all the work!"

Anna, Chatswood NSW

Complaint: Overcharged shipping by US shipping company

"I couldn't get any proper responses from the company - it was incredibly frustrating. Handle My Complaint knew who to go to and send the letter to also the best way of writing the letter. I've learnt that it's always worth trying even if you think it's impossible."

Linda, Birdwood SA

Complaint: Non-payment of a lease agreement by a telecommunications company

"Handle My Complaint relieved me of the frustrations of dealing with unco-operative individuals and companies. Handle My Complaint helped get a process in place so we don't have the same problem again."

Terry & Kerry, Brisbane QLD

Complaint: Early termination fee on fixed home loans

"We recommend Handle My Complaint without hesitation. Handle My Complaint alleviates the stress of dealing with a complaint whilst emotionally upset. The service provided was efficient, professional, effective, results orientated."

Gregory, Strathfield NSW

Complaint: Intrusive behavious by photographers on a cruise

"I would recommend Handle My Complaint without hesitation, as a risk free method to resolve your complaint. I've very pleased with the result and that we gave the cruise company something to think about."

Kevin, Sunshine Coast QLD

Complaint: Faulty product and poor service

"The Handle My Complaint concept appealed to me because of their no win, no fee guarantee and their high achievement on complaints. I wanted the faulty product replaced with a upgraded model but I didn't think it would happen. Handle My complaint knew where to go to get the desired result. I've very happy with the outcome and now my family won't have to put up with my whinging."

Andrea & Daryl, Geelong VIC

Complaint: Fuel injectors causing smoke and rattling when cold

"We had been back and forth for two years whilst the vehicle was under warranty but were continually told our fuel injectors were okay. I was being treated for cancer and didn't have the stamina to take on a big company. I knew from the outset that Handle My Complaint was tenacious enough to win a battle we were getting nowhere with. Handle My Complaint managed to get our four fuel injectors replaced even though were were well outside of warranty."

Jane, Jimboomba QLD

Complaint: Damage to steel drum by airline

"I signed up with Handle My Complaint because the airline refused to acknowledge the damage was their doing. I thought there was only a slim chance of getting a good outcome but it was the principle of the matter that compelled me to try Handle My Complaint. With the payment Handle My Complaint arranged, the stress is gone and I'm able to pay the man who fixed the drum."

Bob & Robin, Mudgee NSW

Complaint: Refund for replacement of faulty fuel injectors in car

"Originally, we were refused a refund and felt it was unjust. We found Handle My Complaint through our son who has used your service before. Thank you Handle My Complaint for your persistance. We would not have had this great result without your expertise. The refund of $1111.94 you negotiated paid for our new tablet device."

Annie, Southport QLD

Complaint: Personal Matter

"Handle My Complaint are experts who deals with your complaint professionally, helping you to get your desired result successfully. They helped me to write my complaint professionally, organise and attach supplementary paperwork as evidence and determine the best person to write to. If you're certain you want to get a result, let experts like Handle My Complaint handle it for you."

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