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Daily Deal/Group Buying Complaint

Tips for businesses on using group buying deal websites

Follow these key tips to offer win-win 'deals'.

1. Understand group buying website make money on every deal they sell. So it's up to you to ensure the deal you offer is going to give your business a good return.
2. Establish a basic marketing plan to maximise the value to your business. For example, contact customers to ask for feedback, or offer further deals directly. If there's no value-add to your business, why are you doing it? Monitor customer numbers to see if it leads to a long-term increase and if a similar deal is worth repeating.
3. Treat 'deal' customers the same as your non-deal customers. If they get substandard service they won't return.
4. Set restrictions. Work out how many deals your current business structure can service and limit the number accordingly. You might also have to set geographical constraints if you travel to your customers. Know what you can afford to offer and don't be pressured to increase what you offer or to reduce the price.
5. Demand a proof so you can double check the deal information is correct before it is sent out. Check that terms and conditions are clear so customers won't be disappointed.
6. If your business offers a voucher that can be used for follow up visits, be clear on its restrictions in the deal listing.
7. Establish a policy for customers asking for an extension on the deal after its expiry date.
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