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Daily Deal/Group Buying Complaint

Tips on buying from group buying deal websites

Here are some key tips to keep in mind when buying a 'deal'.

1. Buy from the better run deal sites. They'll offer cooling off periods, easily accessible customer service and receive good reviews on forums.
2. Allow ample time to redeem your deal. Try to avoid the busiest times for the business - the first and last month of the deal's validity period.
3. Do your research before you buy. Allow adequate time to research what you are buying, and do price comparisons for a similar goods or services.
4. Read the fine print. Find out what the terms and conditions are. Some accommodation deals are only valid in off peak periods. You might be up for an additional charge to make a change to the deal or to bring extra people.
5. Check to see if the business offers the same deal directly. Service providers such as hairdressers sometimes offer reduced prices to first-time customers. You might be able to get a similar discount direct through the business, and won't be limited by an expiry date.
6. Some deals offer vouchers that can be used for follow up visits. While it encourages repeat patronage, keep an eye out for this inclusion to ensure you are getting an authentic deal.
7. If you do have difficulties using the deal prior to its expiry, contact the business prior the date to see if they can extend it or offer something similar.
8. Understand that just because you have pre-purchase the service doesn't mean you won't need to wait for an appointment. If you're unhappy with the wait time, ask for a refund from the deal website.
9. If you're having difficulty contacting the business or booking in to redeem your deal, keep a record as it will be easier to demonstrate your case for a refund.
10. If you have an issue with the good or service you have purchased, you should approach the group buying website you purchased the deal from with your complaint.
11. If you're unable to resolve your complaint with the group buying website, contact the Office of Fair Trading (or equivalent) for assistance.
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