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Customer Satisfaction

Become a satisfied customer

Follow these 5 great and simple tips and become a satisfied customer with greater complaint resolution success.

1. Be informed and ask what fees or repair/return policy applies before you buy and make a note of the details. This will allow you to compare different options before you buy and buy from a supplier with the most suitable policies should something go wrong with your purchase.
2. Start recording details from your first enquiry, even before you make a purchase. Providing specific details in your complaint such as dates, names and promises made saves you loads of time and effort when resolving a complaint.
3. When complaining about a faulty product, ask yourself, 'Is the item purchased "fit for purpose"?' If it's not, you'e got a strong case for a refund regardless of what conditions the organisation has put on the sale. What's more, be wary of "No refund on sale items" signs - in most states of Australia, these signs are illegal. An item on sale should still do its intended job.
4. When resolving a complaint, state that you're a loyal customer or a potential customer and most importantly tell the organisation what they need to do to make you happy.
5. Know what organisations you can contact e.g. Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, Financial Ombudsman Service, Office of Fair Trading (or equivalent) to assist you in resolving your complaint.
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