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Make a Great Complaint

How to get results from your complaint

Follow these simple tips and get better results from your complaints.

1. Set aside your emotion - Consider carefully the cause of your complaint and what outcome or resolution will make you happy.
2. Get prepared - Before making contact, write some notes on the important points you wish to address.
3. Formalize your complaint - Where possible, submit your complaint via a letter rather than email as a letter is more likely to induce a response to your complaint.
4. Right attitude - When addressing your complaint (whether it's in person, via telephone or mail) be polite, factual and authoritative.
5. Talk to a decision maker - Ensure the person addressing your complaint has the power to resolve your complaint. If the person you're negotiating with seem unsure or unable to make a decision, ask to speak with their boss. Never take 'no' from someone not authorized to give you a 'yes'.
6. Clearly communicate - Be clear with what has caused you to complain and your desired outcome or resolution.
7. Follow up action - If you're unsuccessful in resolving your complaint with your first attempt, promise further action.
8. Further action - Follow up on your promise of further action by contacting Handle My Complaint or the relevant authorities.
9. Keep a record - Document the names, dates and points discussed from the beginning of your complaint. It will make it easier to escalate your complaint to management, HMC or the relevant authorities.
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