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Fee or Penalty Complaint

What's this fee for?

If you've been charged a fee or a penalty that you don't understand or that you believe is unfair, it sometimes seems easier to just pay it. We don't agree. Sometimes it's just as easy not to pay it! Here's some tips for making sure you only pay fees that are fair and reasonable.

1. Ask the company's representative to tell, or show, you where the fee is listed in the paperwork that was provided to you when you signed up. If it's not listed, you can't be expected to pay.
2. If it's the first time you've been charged the fee, ask for it to be waived as goodwill. Put your request in writing, if possible, as this should save you time and effort finding the person to waive the fee or penalty.
3. If you feel the fee is unfair because the service you've received has been unsatisfactory and the company won't waive the fee, ask for a refund or partial refund for the cost of the service. You might just end up with a bigger refund than the cost of the fee.
4. If the company still won't waive the fee as a one-off, let the company know that you are willing to switch to another provider over the matter, and see if this persuades them to waive the fee.
5. And while it won't help you, by telling your friends and family who use the same provider, you might just save them from being charged the same fee.
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