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High Phone Bill Complaint

Tips for dealing with high phone bill complaints

Avoid frustration and time-wasting by following Handle My Complaint's tried and tested strategy for dealing with high phone bill complaints.

1. Make checking a habit - Check your phone bill for call and data charges when you first receive them.
2. Act promptly - Raise your complaint immediately if you can, at most within 7 days.
3. Talk to a decision maker - Speak with someone authorised to resolve your complaint. Never take 'no' from someone not authorised to give you a 'yes'
4. Request a reversal - Request an unexpected high bill or charge be waived as a once-off.
5. Payment suspension - Ask that related outstanding payments be suspended until the complaint has been investigated. Get confirmation in writing. Continue to make timely payments for subsequent bills if they're not in dispute.
6. Promise to be a pest - If you're unsuccessful during your first attempt, make it clear that you will take further action. The person you're dealing with should realise they will save time by resolving your complaint immediately.
7. Keep a record - Document names dates and points discussed.
8. Further action - If you're still unhappy with the decision of your phone provider, refer your complaint to Handle My Complaint or the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
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