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Phone Contract Complaint

Tips for early termination of your phone contract

The most common reasons consumers request early release from their phone contracts are poor service and/or unexpected charges. If you're experiencing either of these issues, these tips will assist you to secure early release from your contract.

1. Put your provider on notice. Notify your telecommunications provider when first you start experiencing coverage issues or receiving higher than expected phone bill.
2. Discuss your options for a plan change. If you're receiving higher than expected bills, contact your phone provider and discuss options to reduce your bill.
3. Do the sums. There will be a fee for early termination, so compare the termination fee with the costs you weren't expecting to incur.
4. Keep a record. If you're experiencing coverage issues, keep a record of the time, date, location and what issue you experienced e.g. failure to connect or call drop out.
5. Request in writing. Once you've collect a 'reasonable' amount of data (a suggested amount is around 20 service failures within a few weeks) put your request for early termination in writing and include your log of issues.
6. Ask for an action plan. Clearly state why you're requesting early termination of your contract. Ask your provider to reply with their plan to rectify your issues. State that if they are unable to rectify your issues that you are requesting an early release from your contract without penalty.
7. Set a reply date. Allow your provider 14-21 days to review the information you provide and make an assessment on your particular circumstances. Specify the date you require their response.
8. No response - try again. Poor customer service is also the failure of your telecommunications provider to address your complaints and respond to your emails or letters. Therefore if you don't receive a reply addressing your requests, update your request for early termination correspondence with this customer service failure and send your request once more.
9. Get your release in writing. If you are granted early release, ensure you receive written confirmation that you will be released without fees or penalty.
10. Learn from your mistakes. Ensure your switching to a better deal or better coverage.
11. Further action. If you're still unhappy with the decision of your phone provider, refer your complaint to Handle My Complaint or the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
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