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Door-Knocking/Unsolicited Sales Complaint

Rules around unsolicited sales calls

Things you should know before answering your phone or door to an unsolicited salesperson.

1. Unless you have previously agreed, a salesperson is only allowed to visit you on:
o Weekdays - between 9am and 6pm
o Saturdays - between 9am and 5pm
Door-to-door salespeople are not allowed to make unsolicited visits on Sundays or Public Holidays.
2. If a salesperson approaches you, they must:
o Explain the purpose of their visit and provide identification such as their name and place of employment.
o Explain that they must leave your property immediately if you ask them to do so.
o Leave your property immediately if you ask them to do so.
o Inform you about your cooling-off rights.
3. A salesperson must not contact you again after you've declined their offer, for at least 30 days unless they return representing a different supplier.
4. If you sign up from an unsolicited sales call and the value of the agreement is more than $100 (or the value was not able to be determined at the time the agreement was made), and if the negotiations took place at a location other than the supplier's or salesperson's premises, then you've entered into an "unsolicited agreement".
5. All unsolicited agreements legally require you to be given a cooling-off period of 10 business days.
6. During the cooling-off period, you can cancel the contract without a fee or penalty, and the trader must not accept any payment from you, nor supply any goods or services.
7. If you do have issues with an unsolicited salesperson, you should contact the organisation they claim they're representing, the relevant Ombudsman if applicable and the Office of Fair Trading or equivalent.
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