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Prove your Complaint

Photo as complaint evidence

Got a complaint? Take a picture - it might just save you a thousand words, especially if you end up making a formal complaint.

Here are Handle My Complaint's tips on how to use photos to save time and effort with your complaint.

1. Act immediately - Take a few photos on the spot if you feel the situation may escalate into a complaint. Often, you won't have a chance to go back and do it later, and with modern technology, it's easy to capture a couple of images using the camera in your phone, just in case you need them.
2. Capture the environment around you - As well as capturing the complaint itself, take photos that also include your surroundings as proof of the location your complaint occurred. Try to include anything specific to the area or organisation such as a menu, company logo or a distinctive background.
3. Think about photographic quality - When taking photos of your complaint, make an effort to get ones that are in focus and have the best lighting possible. Better quality photos make it easier to communicate your complaint.
4. Ask a specialist - If you're unsure whether you have a complaint to make, photos give you the option of consulting others, specifically someone in the industry, prior to lodging a formal complaint.
5. Approach the organisation directly - Forward the organisation a letter outlining your complaint, attach your photos and any other supporting information and allow the organisation the opportunity to respond to your complaint directly.
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