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Complaints are our business. We manage consumer complaints and experience the frustrations of your customers during the resolution process. Armed with these experiences and knowledge, we can assist your organisation in minimising complaints, improving complaint handling practices and understand the root cause of consumer complaints.

If the following problems sound familiar to you, then your organisation will benefit from Handle My Complaint's consumer-centred approach to complaint handling:

  • High costs due to large volumes of consumer complaints
  • Dissatisfied customers who can't quickly resolve a complaint
  • Mis-directed complaints causing unnecessary frustrations
  • High levels of poor customer service reported as a secondary cause of complaint

We provide a range of services that will document the extent of customer frustrations affecting your customers' experience and how your organisation can improve its dispute resolutions practices. The services outlined below are our most popular; however we can provide a customised package to assist with your complaint resolution issues.

Service 1: Complaints Process Roadmap

Unsure why poor customer service is a common complaint? What to know how to save time and money in complaint handling?


This service will map the experiences of your customers via the various complaints channels i.e. phone, website, fax and post. We'll report on ways your customers are being mis-directed and the time taken to access the right area for help.

Good for:
  • Insights into your customer's journey to resolving a complaint
  • Understanding true resolution timeframes from your customer's perspective
  • Obtaining recommended improvements to reduce customer frustrations and time wasted
You receive:
  • A customer complaint roadmap outlining possible journey to resolving complaints
  • A report with recommendations for improvements to customer contact points

Service 2: Commonsense Communication

Speak the same language as your customers. Avoid the jargon and complex terms and you'll improve your customer satisfaction.


This service will review the communication you issue to customers by way of contracts and terms and conditions to improve their understanding and awareness of your services and what they are paying for. We'll suggest improvement to avoid miscommunication to your customers.

Good for:
  • Reducing customer complaints due to misunderstanding and misinformation
You receive:
  • Your customer communication reviewed with suggested improvements
  • Specific terms and words identified that are causing complaints

Service 3: Complaints Stocktake

Want to know which complaints take up the most resources in your complaints department? Then this service is for you.


This service providers an in depth analysis into your most time-consuming complaints, how much they cost to manage, respond and resolve. We'll also investigate and categorise your complaints to assist with greater understand of the root cause.

Good for:
  • Taking a systematic approach to understanding complaints allowing most common causes to be minimised or eliminated
  • Low value, high effort complaint can be better managed
  • Demonstrating improvements and cost savings after business improvement changes
  • Responding to actual common complaints
You receive:
  • Statistical breakdown of complaint categories and frequency
  • A report providing root causes of common complaints
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