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Eliminate complaints & improve complaint handling

Need to know what causes your customers to complaint? Want to know why they get frustrated during the resolution process? Looking to discover what motivates your customers to turn to external organisations such as Handle My Complaint, the Ombudsman services or Consumer Affairs departments?

Your organisation should be looking to continually improve customer satisfaction, and that means its complaint handling practices. If you're not actively seeking answers to the above questions, your rivals are, and gaining a competitive advantage.

So why use Handle My Complaint?

  • We look to eliminate complaints not just resolve them
  • We deal with consumer complaints from ALL industries
  • We handle complaints with your competitors
  • We know what's important to your customers when resolving a complaint
  • We understand that complaint handling costs time, money and brand reputation

You are not your customers. We understand your customers, their frustrations and complaints. We want to impart our experiences and knowledge to improve your complaint handling practices.

Check out our Services We Offer page for ideas of how we can help.

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