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Need an expert in consumer issues?

Jo Ucukalo is an experienced, articulate and engaging speaker on a range of topics, and has more than 700 media appearances under her belt.

Jo founded Handle My Complaint to help consumers resolve complaints. Over the past 10 years, she’s handled everything from disputes over bank charges to faulty products and complaints over customer service.

And she’s passionate about educating consumers on their rights. Which is where Handle My Complaint can help your listeners, viewers or readers. Jo can speak and write with authority about consumer issues, including:

In her media appearances, Jo can talk about ways to avoid buying a lemon

Ways to avoid buying a lemon

In her media appearances, Jo can discuss how to get the best value for money with extended warranty

How to get value for money with an extended warranty

In her media appearances, Jo can shed light to Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services

What ‘buy now, pay later’ really means

In her media appearances, Jo can share tips on how to make a complaint with confidence

How to make a complaint with confidence

Jo Ucukalo is a consumer expert and Handle My Complaint's CEO

She can also discuss the hot topics of the day. Fallen victim to the latest scam? Airline canceled your flight without any notice? Bank refusing to refund disputed fees?

Just tell me your hot topic and I'll tailor responses for your audience in a way that informs and entertains. We don’t want anyone complaining about a boring segment, do we?

Did you know

1 in 4 complaints are unresolved

1 in 4

A quarter of all complaints in Australia remain unresolved.

Handle My Complaint resolves 3 in 4 complaints that hit our desk

3 in 4

We solve about three-quarters of the complaints that hit our desk.

Billions spent in dealing with complaints


It costs Australian consumers $14.2 billion per year to deal with their complaints.

70% of Australians had a complaint


More than 70 percent of Australians have had at least one complaint in the past two years.

Featured appearances

Handle My Complaint's Youtube channel

See more featured appearances at our Youtube Channel

Media Requests

Media requests

Please get in touch with Jo via:
[email protected]
Phone: 07 3315 5044

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