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Success Stories

Power to the people.
When we speak up, we empower someone else.
Together we will make a difference.
We call our case studies, success stories, because they are far from isolated cases. Plus, we think success has a nice ring to it – wouldn't you agree?
If you see yourself in any of these success stories, or if it triggers something inside you, let us handle your complaint too.
And, if we’re really inspiring you to take charge of your life, you can always subscribe for regular success stories straight to your inbox. Right on.
Messages of satisfied customers to Handle My Complaint

I’d purchased a mobile phone but there was a problem porting my number and the company refused to cancel the contract. I approached both mobile phone companies to resolve the porting issue. Both didn’t help. <br /> Handle My Complaint pointed out to them that the Australian Consumer Law says were there is a mismatched mobile number porting the contract becomes invalid. <br />I was able to return the phone and the contract was cancelled. I’ve learned to be more thorough in researching future purchases. I’m tell others to try Handle My Complaint. They solved my issue.

John - Brisbane, QLD

We saved $84,000 on home loans with the help of Handle My Complaint. Given the bank was at fault we hoped the complaint would be resolved, however we were doubtful throughout the process. We weren’t making any progress. We’d had months of feeling frustrated and non-valued. <br /> With the help of Handle My Complaint, we were able to continue with the complaint until it was resolved. With their support we didn’t feel ‘like a small fish in a big pond’. We went from feeling frustrated and upset to feeling satisfied and victorious! <br /> We recommend Handle My Complaint without hesitation. They alleviate the stress of dealing with the complaint whilst emotionally upset. The help provided is efficient, professional, effective, results orientated. Thank you so much again. We feel forever indebted to you!

Kerry & Terry, Brisbane QLD

As an individual, I felt powerless fighting a big company – “corporate bullying”. Our electricity was suddenly disconnected. I’d contacted the company many times to fix the problem but nothing worked.<br> Handle My Complaint got us compensation for the wrongful disconnection. I felt very relieved. I felt secure and supported knowing this service is available. <br /> For those looking to try Handle My Complaint, I say, Go for it! You have nothing to lose. The service is super professional and personal.

Quyen, Canley Vale NSW

Being treated for cancer, I didn’t have the stamina to fight to get our fuel injectors replaced. We had been back and forth for 2 years. Our mechanic felt it was the fuel injectors. The car manufacturer’s diagnostics continually told us it was within specifications, but couldn’t explain it any other way either. Absolute frustration! <br /> We did everything ourselves did but got nowhere as the company knew we didn’t have the power to expose them on such a large scale. <br /> Handle My Complaint managed to get the company to agree to replace all 4 fuel injectors even though we were well out of warranty, as the problem existed from the warranty period. We had tried to get the company to do the same thing, but they wouldn’t come to the party. <br /> Thank you. Thank you. Thanks you. Absolutely thrilled with the result. We can’t recommend Handle My Complaint highly enough or quickly enough. I have already passed Handle My Complaint’s details onto two others.

Andrea and Daryl, Geelong VIC
Successful complaint testimonials

I am so grateful to have found you. This problem has been going on for months and as of yesterday It’s now fixed. I can’t thank you enough because everything I did failed to work. I continually got overseas operators, with a huge understanding problem and no success at all. When you connected me to the right people, the problem was eventually fixed even though this still was not an easy fix. Optus have given me credits for all the problems I have had as compensation for my troubles & now everything looks rosy. Again thanks heaps for your help in resolving this issue.


Successful complaint testimonials

Just love that they were so quick to get my problem resolved. You cant go past using them. Keep up the great work.


Successful complaint testimonials

We had been battling a major pest control company for three months, with a long list of complaints, to no avail. They hadn't responded to our correspondence, not once, but kept hounding us for payments and threatened us with debt collectors. Contact Handle My Complaint and the problem was resolved, the same day! The company waived the $900 they were pursuing, and gave us a free home termite inspection. Thank you Jo and Handle My Complaint.


Handle My Complaint client's successful complaint stories