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You can keep complaining, while we start explaining.
We hate being left in the dark, so we figured you would too.
Let our FAQs light the way through the Handle My Complaint system.

Who should use Handle My Complaint?

Anyone with a problem who thinks they deserve better customer service.

You may even think you’re making a complaint, when really you’re just asking for good old-fashioned customer service.

For example, contacting your internet provider…

  • for ‘support’
  • to report a 'fault’
  • to ‘request information’
  • about a ‘service difficulty’
  • with a ‘billing query’

…isn’t making a complaint. When your internet provider decides you’ve contacted for the reasons listed above, they don’t consider you to have filed a ‘complaint’. When it’s not a ‘complaint’ in their eyes, your provider doesn’t need to investigate or even keep a record of the communication. That means you either never hear back about your issue, or when you contact about the same issue again, your provider’s response is ‘sorry, we have no record that you’ve had this problem before’.

Let’s make this even clearer:

  • If you contact the company only once and don’t specifically use the word ‘complaint’, you’re not making a complaint.
  • If you don’t contact the company responsible for your complaint, you aren’t making a complaint.

Yep, no wonder we all end up screaming down the phone trying to get our complaint heard!

Handle My Complaint is solely dedicated to handling complaints. It’s not just one division of our business; it’s our entire business. Your complaint is that important.

When you lodge your complaint with Handle My Complaint, we send it to the complaints department of the company responsible for dealing with your complaint.

The other way you can get to the complaints department is to say ‘complaint’ as many times as required until the person you’re dealing with says the word ‘complaint’ back at you. It’s as exhausting as it sounds.

Currently, you can make a complaint about your Australian power, banking, phone, internet and car company through Handle My Complaint. Soon, we’ll be building out a complaints funnel into other industries too. Your complaint will be our command.

If you’re looking to save time, hassle, and just don’t need any extra stress, simply use Handle My Complaint.

What is the process of filing a complaint?

In less than 60 seconds, you file your complaint with us once, and we then send it where it needs to go.

Handle My Complaint is Australia’s first one-stop shop complaints management company. We follow the same process and ask most of the same questions for every complaint you want to make. We make it clear and simple.

You tell us your issue and we take care of the rest. We kindly ask that you communicate with as much detail as possible to better guarantee your complaint will be resolved quickly and without extra hassle.

Once we have your complaint, we send it to the organisation responsible for dealing with your complaint. We check in with you to ensure you’re happy with how the organisation handles your complaint. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll send your complaint to the next level of support, regulator or peak body.

Your complaint is in expert hands with the Handle My Complaint team.

What kind of details should I specify when filing a complaint?

To make things easier, Handle My Complaint prompts you with the exact questions an organisation needs to know to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. We have made some questions optional in case you don’t have the information handy. However, the fastest way to resolve your complaint is to answer all the questions on the form.

It’s also really helpful to add any attachments, like a copy of your bill or photos. We also allow you to explain specific details of your complaint, but again, that’s optional.

The best thing to do is to provide all the information about your complaint in one hit when you first lodge the complaint.

It’s important to provide any account details, list any previous communication, and specify the resolution outcomes that you expect.

More details about the process, please?

It’s quick and simple to resolve your complaint. Here’s how:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Spend up to a few minutes submitting the details of your complaint
  3. We send your complaint to the right people inside the company
  4. The company responsible for your complaint reviews and investigates
  5. You then get a response directly from the company by the deadline you set
  6. We ask you if your complaint has been resolved and how happy you are with how the organisation has handled your complaint
  7. If you want to take your complaint further, with a click of a button, we can send your complaint to a regulator or peak body

We keep track of your complaint along the way.

We ask you to rate how you feel about your complaint when you’re making it as well as after you hear back from the organisation. We share this information with the organisation so they can improve their service over time, based on the feedback of their actual customers.

We also ask you when you’d like to hear back from the organisation. Maybe you’re lodging your complaint at the airport on your way to a month long overseas holiday. It’s one of the last things you do before relax in town. You can actually set the response date for when you return. Yep, we want you to have the best holiday experience, and be rest assured that your life admin will be sorted when you get back, so you can hit the ground running.

Can I complain anonymously or on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can complain for someone else from your account. If someone else is experiencing an issue, enter the information as requested and add their contact details as the person requiring the response.

You need to know enough information about the other person’s complaint to give the organisation receiving the complaint a proper heads up.

Do I have to create an account or provide my contact details?

No, you don’t need to create an account. You can even make a complaint anonymously.

However, if you want a response to your complaint, you do need to give the company at least some of your details for them to be able to contact you.

Creating an account will make it faster for you to complain in the future. It allows you to store the details of your complaint in case you need this later.

How small can my complaint be?

No complaint is too small.

We’ve handled complaints about everything from shoddy appliances to car troubles, power problems and phone data drama, rocketing bank fees, internet drop outs, cold showers, and the mother of all bills, your mortgage.

Maybe there’s bad blood between you and your provider, or it could just be a gut feeling that the customer service you’re experiencing isn’t up to standard.

To sum it up, we can’t help you with traffic jams and screaming kids, but we can help you with most of your other everyday complaints.

How long does Handle My Complaint take?

Using Handle My Complaint helps companies respond to your problem faster because all the details are sent directly to the right people – the first time, every time. No hold time. No missing records of communication.

We work with each company to help them handle complaints faster. The more people who use Handle My Complaint, the faster complaints will be handled in the future.

How many complaints can I make?

You can use Handle My Complaint to make as many complaints as you like.
If you create an account, you can keep track of all your complaints in the one spot.

Three reasons you are better at dealing with my problems than me – and go!

Firstly, let’s just acknowledge your biggest problems as a consumer:

  1. Not knowing where to direct your complaint
  2. Not knowing what information you should supply
  3. Not clearly asking for an outcome when making a complaint

Now we have that sorted, here’s why we’re better at dealing with these problems than you are:

  1. You tell us once and that’s it
  2. We don’t transfer from department to department
  3. We speak the language of ‘service providers’ to communicate in a clear, objective way that businesses understand

How is using Handle My Complaint different from contacting the company directly?

Unlike most call centres, we’re available when you need us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using Handle My Complaint means you don’t need to research where you should be making your complaint to. No more hassles or wasting time being transferred between departments or contacting several different companies.

We keep track of your complaint for you, so your complaint won’t be forgotten, overlooked or lost in translation. We keep the ball rolling, the gears turning.

I have the time, so why shouldn’t I just take matters into my own hands?

This is our entire business and all that we do. This isn’t a hobby or a side gig. We have specialist expertise in complaints management and resolution.

Also, when complaints are personal matters, it’s hard to take the emotion out of it. We speak to service providers with facts, not fury, regardless of the attitude we get back. We show patience and persistence where others may be inclined to shout or slam down the phone (don’t worry, we still don’t blame you).

It goes with saying, from years of experience in professional complaining, we have become behavioural experts. We know a small complaint can quickly escalate into a bigger one because of poor communication, lack of understanding the process, and sometimes even the action or inaction of the person with the complaint.

We open the lines of communication and acknowledge all sides of the issue. Because of this, we’re confident that we can walk away with a better outcome than you would going it solo.

But couldn’t I just complain to a regulator or peak body?

You could.

But using Handle My Complaint improves the complaints experience for you and other customers in the future. Each and every complaint made to Handle My Complaint is recorded and tracked. Don’t worry, we’re keeping score on every organisation that we receive a complaint about.

We ask you to rate how you feel about your complaint when you’re making it, as well as after you hear back from the organisation. We keep scores on how customers rate each company. This helps customers in the future looking to buy from that business or use that service provider. We then create detailed insights around where the company could improve and go directly to the company with these insights. We share this information with the organisation so they can improve their service over time based on feedback from their actual customers.

Plus, we offer the extra service where if you’re unhappy with how a company has handled your complaint, in the click of a button we can escalate the complaint to the next level of support, regulator or peak body. Where appropriate, we refer issues to the right industry regulator, and quickly refer scams and businesses with questionable practices to fair trading agencies.

You don’t need to find out which one is right for your complaint or provide the details of your complaint again. You tell us once, and we get you the attention you deserve.

Why can’t I just complain on social media?

You know when you share photos of your ‘trip of a lifetime’ on social media and no one really seems to care? Same goes here. We don’t want your complaint to fall on deaf ears.

Your social media feed won’t get clogged up with complaints because the Handle My Complaint system negates the need to tell the world to get a result. You are still welcome to contact us on social media, but we strongly encourage that you file any complaints formally so they aren’t lost in the white noise of the world wide web.

What exactly do I get in return for a complaint?

We can’t provide guarantees, but our track record is very good.

Handle My Complaint currently has a 70 per cent complaint resolution rate. We have resolved thousands of complaints. We firmly believe we are heading towards a 90 per cent complaint resolution rate.

That means, currently, 7 out of 10 customers drawing on our expertise get their complaints resolved. Almost all of the time, these customers get something back in return.

Rather than having ‘happy campers’, we literally have ‘happy complainers’. One happy complainer received an $85,000 reduction in early termination fees on their fixed home loan. Most complaints have a potential result value of $200 and more in goods, vouchers or cash. That’s a payday that’s no sweat on your back.

At the very least, we provide a consolation that your complaint will be taken seriously.

Do you make money from referring customers to service providers?

We don’t take a ‘cut’ from service providers. That’s to say, we don’t make money by referring to business. A smaller part of our business involves working with service providers to help them improve their communication and dispute resolution processes.

How does Handle My Complaint make money then?

We pass on all our costs to organisations.

We are able to do this because we provide them with a superior service. We do the legwork to help them diagnose their customer service problems. Our system is unique in that it enables consumers to rank each interaction with a complaint handler.

We make money by compiling reports for organisations. These reports indicate how they the organisation can improve its products and/or services. We collect all the data provided by you, the customer, but we don’t pass on your personal details unless you’ve agreed to that. We know privacy matters. More on that here.

Consumers are the direct users of the Handle My Complaint system. Organisations are the end users of the information captured directly from the consumers.

Tell me more about your privacy policy?

Sure thing. Privacy is such a big deal to us that our explainer has its very own page.

We ask everyone for each and every complaint that it’s okay to send their details to the company they are complaining about so the company can contact them to resolve things. This is a checkbox that is automatically selected at the end of each complaint before the customer clicks submit.

We only send personal details once you, the customer, has agreed and only to organisations that will help resolve your complaint. This is the organisation you are complaining about and any third party resolutions schemes like the ombudsman, fair trading or peak bodies.

I don't have all day. How long does it take to file my complaint?

Just 60 seconds! Click here to do it.

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