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Our Mission

We all want products and services that live up to their promises, right?
Handle My Complaint clients are building companies for the future

your complaint is our command

Handle My Complaint began because we believed companies could do better by their customers. We set out on building the best way to get companies to respond to the needs of their customers when it comes to products and services.

Through Handle My Complaint, customers are building companies for the future. You tell us, and we tell them.

With us, everyone is better off. That's our promise.

  • Did you know you could be driving a privacy nightmare? The computer on wheels that enables you to find your way and navigate traffic hazards is sharing information you never thought possible, including your sexual activity. According to new research from the Mozilla Foundation, an internet-focused non-profit, 84 percent of car companies review, sell or share the data collected from car owners.     Researchers looked at the privacy terms of 25 car manufacturers and found that not only were many impossibly dense - some were up to 9000 pages long - all collected more

  • Are you feeling the pinch? Perhaps you’ve already cut back on discretionary spending. Or are contemplating a much more frugal Christmas season. You’re not alone. New research shows while Australians are tipped to spend almost $5 billion on online shopping in the leadup to Christmas this year, almost half of those surveyed are planning to spend less than the same time in 2022. And almost 80 percent said they plan to cut back on non-essential spending in the same period.     Inflation and a lack of savings were cited as the main concerns as

  • The emails are lobbing into your inbox with increasing regularity. You may even be getting alerts on your phone. The flashing ads are all over websites. All of them promise you amazing deals and unprecedented discounts. There is no escaping the fact we’re hurtling toward Black Friday. And peak spending season. This mad day of discounts traditionally marks the start of Christmas shopping in the United States, falling just after Thanksgiving. While it didn’t come to Australia until much later - with Apple the first major retailer to offer Black Friday deals