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How it Works

In less than 60 seconds, you file your complaint with us once, and
we instantly pass it on to the right people in the right company.

Handle My Complaint is Australia’s first ‘one-stop’ complaints management company. We follow the same process and ask similar questions for every complaint made. We make it quick and simple for you to resolve your complaint.

Go to Handle My Complaint website to lodge your complaint


Visit our website

Our complaint system works fast so you can lodge your complaint in a few minutes


Spend up to a few minutes submitting your complaint with our detailed prompts along the way

Once you've successfully lodge your complaint, our system submits it to the right organisation


We send your complaint to the right people inside the company you have a complaint about

The organisation will review and investigate your complaint


We let the company independently review and investigate your complaint

The organisation will contact you for a resolution


You get a response directly from the company by the deadline that you set

We ask your feedback for our complaints system


We ask you if your complaint has been resolved and how satisfied you are with the process and result

You can escalate the complaint you lodged with us in a few clicks


If you want to take your complaint further, with a click of a button, we can send your complaint to a regulator or peak body

The beauty of the process is that we keep track of your complaint at every stage. That means your complaint is resolved as quickly as possible.

We also ask you to rate how you feel during the process of resolving your complaint, and then after you hear back from the company with a result. We keep scores on how customers rate each company to help other customers in the future. This means detailed insights for where the company could improve, and directly passing these insights on to the company, while protecting your anonymity.

Plus, if you don’t get the result you feel entitled to, we can escalate your complaint with the click of a button to the next level of support, regulator or peak body.

Where appropriate, we will refer complaints to industry regulators, and quickly refer scams and businesses with questionable practices to fair trading agencies.
Don’t worry about finding these people yourself. You tell us once, and we get you the attention you deserve.

Your complaint is in expert hands with the Handle My Complaint team.

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