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Insider Tips

How can we be of service? Let us count the ways. We actually mean service – unlike those who have promised it before and didn’t show up when it counted most. Consider these insider tips your key to consumer affairs.

Having trouble getting the dealership to take your car troubles seriously? Is the manufacturer giving you the runaround?

It’s easy to feel like you’re a voice in the wilderness when you’re being shunted from dealer to manufacturer and back again, each blaming the other – or you – for the vehicle’s faults.

Handle My Complaint CEO Jo Ucukalo says it’s an effective tactic, as most consumers simply give up.

With groceries costing more than ever, at the very least, you would expect to get what you paid for.

But the food we buy isn’t always what it says on the packaging. Whether it’s cheap olive oil sold as extra virgin, beef passed off as veal, or drinks watered down, food fraud is more prevalent than you might think.