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Have you heard about PayID scams? Perhaps you or a friend have fallen foul of the electronic payment system?

More than 18 million Australians have signed up to use PayID since its launch six years ago. The attraction is simple: it’s easy to use, free, and money is transferred quickly – whether you’re paying or being paid. The unique identifier (the ID part) is linked to your bank account and you only need a mobile number or email (and an ABN or CBN if you’re a business) to send and receive money.

The Australian Banking Association maintains it’s one of the most important steps customers can take to prevent scams, but the mobile-friendly service hasn’t been immune to scammers. Even the tech-savvy younger generation - least likely to be caught in other financial scams - has been caught out.

Online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are popular hunting grounds for PayID scams.

Are you feeling the pinch? Perhaps you’ve already cut back on discretionary spending. Or are contemplating a much more frugal Christmas season.

You’re not alone. New research shows while Australians are tipped to spend almost $5 billion on online shopping in the leadup to Christmas this year, almost half of those surveyed are planning to spend less than the same time in 2022. And almost 80 percent said they plan to cut back on non-essential spending in the same period.

If you’re a serious collector, chances are you’re not prepared to part with anything in your possession without good reason.

But what if you found out something that’s been gathering dust on top of a shelf or hidden in boxes under the stairs was highly collectible and therefore valuable? Perhaps it’s the coin or stamp collection you started when you were a kid and abandoned when you discovered the Xbox?

Superannuation is our retirement safety net, a nest egg no one wants to access too early. But there are many reasons why you might need to do so, not the least of which is financial distress.

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) says the number of complaints involving delays in the handling of superannuation claims has jumped in the past year, from 18 percent of all complaints in 2022 to 24 percent in May 2023.

More than one million Australian families used childcare last year. If you were one of them, you know how expensive it has become.

After a six-month investigation, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) handed down its interim report into the sector earlier this month.

The ACCC found that childcare fees were rising faster than inflation and wage growth, and government subsidies have failed to keep pace.