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Are you feeling the pinch? Perhaps you’ve already cut back on discretionary spending. Or are contemplating a much more frugal Christmas season.

You’re not alone. New research shows while Australians are tipped to spend almost $5 billion on online shopping in the leadup to Christmas this year, almost half of those surveyed are planning to spend less than the same time in 2022. And almost 80 percent said they plan to cut back on non-essential spending in the same period.

With everything from fuel, utility, to grocery bills rising constantly, Australians are watching their pennies – cutting back on luxuries, leaving heaters off, adding more blankets in winter, and catching the bus instead of driving.

But food isn't just another bill—it's a necessity. We have to eat, ideally healthily - shunning fast food and snacks in favour of fruit and vegetables, lean meat and seafood. But with food prices increasing an average of eight percent a year (many items have risen a lot more), the grocery bill is taking a bigger and bigger slice out of household budgets each week.

More than one million Australian families used childcare last year. If you were one of them, you know how expensive it has become.

After a six-month investigation, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) handed down its interim report into the sector earlier this month.

The ACCC found that childcare fees were rising faster than inflation and wage growth, and government subsidies have failed to keep pace.

It’s great to be back out and about again, isn’t it? But before you step beyond the confines of your state or national borders, it pays to do some homework.

Not only will a little planning save you a lot of money, it could also save you a few headaches at your destination. After all, holidays are supposed to be relaxing, not stressful.

Australians love to stream. It's a love affair that grew while we were stuck at home during Covid. And one that shows no sign of abating, even if we’re spreading that love around a lot more.

Research firm Telsyte found that more than 75 percent of Australian households subscribe to at least one streaming video on demand (SVOD) service. There were 23.4 million subscriptions to June this year, one for almost every Australian, and rising. Telsyte predicts the figure to be more than 30 million within four years.

If you’ve been feeling trapped within your own state, you’re probably more than a little excited at the thought of the country opening up. But you may be worried about blowing your travel budget with unexpected expenses.

Travelling in this Covid recovery period is not without its challenges. The pandemic has brought unpredictability to almost everything we previously took for granted — from border restrictions and other new travel requirements to the inevitable price rises, there’s a lot to catch you unawares.

So how do you plan an affordable getaway in this era? We’ve rounded up some top tips from budget travel experts.