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We're dedicated to making customer service a more seamless experience

Since 2009, Handle My Complaint has been helping Australians work through sticky situations. We’ve handled almost every type of complaint – from online shopping that never gets delivered, cars that fall apart shortly after leaving the car yard, and unjustified bank fees.

You know how customer comes before service in customer service? Well, that’s where Handle My Complaint puts you, the very important customer, at the front of every equation and situation. You need someone who speaks the language of both customer and service provider. Handle My Complaint is just that service – the intermediary – that gets business and gets you.

Handle My Complaint is solely dedicated to handling complaints. It’s not just one division of our business; it’s our entire business. We speak the love language of business and break down communication problems to get to the core of the problem, pronto.

Gone are the days of waiting on hold to call centres, scouring websites to find buried forms that send complaints into cyberspace, or writing emails that go unanswered. Here with Handle My Complaint, it only takes 60 seconds to file your complaint and get the cogs turning.

Handle My Complaint has resolved 70 per cent of complaints that have come through its engine, from complaints worth a few dollars, to many thousands of dollars. We provide win-win outcomes for you and business too.

About Jo Ucukalo

A natural problem solver, Jo Ucukalo began her career as a civil engineer. Jo soon realised that while she can solve physical problems like connecting a bridge to land and cutting a tunnel under the road, solving human problems is her ultimate passion.

To hone her people skills she took to the skies. Literally. Jo switched paths to become a flight attendant! Between managing flight delays and disgruntled customers asking about sold-out snacks, Jo developed a wealth of knowledge about what makes humans tick. With that, she decided to make customer service her business.

Growing up in a single-parent household where there was enough for bills but not much else, Jo quickly came to understand the real value of money: Freedom. She saw her mother encumbered by bills. If raising four daughters solo wasn’t hard enough, she was also an immigrant who could only speak broken English. Jo could tell from a young age that her mother wasn’t being given a fair go when dealing with providers. She was being robbed of her freedom.

Through Handle My Complaint, Jo has spent the last decade helping people who are being ripped off and treated unfairly. She has a laser-focus on reaching fair and reasonable resolutions, without the argy-bargy and aggression. Jo has a valuable rule of thumb:

A whinge is when you air a grievance; a complaint is when you want a result.

And you certainly wouldn’t achieve, or get anywhere near,
Handle My Complaint’s 70 per cent complaint resolution rate if you just whinged all day.

Whether it’s an oversight by your home loan lender that’s cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or sky-high power bills month after month,
Handle My Complaint has got you. Sticky situations are our specialty.

Handle My Complaint makes ticks on your checklist.
We save you from sweating the small stuff and
help you handle the big stuff.

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