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Do you use PayID? Hardly surprising, given that more than 15 million Australians have taken up the electronic payment system since its launch six years ago.

The attraction is simple: it’s easy to use, free, and money is transferred quickly. The unique identifier (the ID part) is linked to your bank account; you only need a mobile number or ABN to send and receive money.

According to the Australian Banking Association, it’s also one of the most important steps customers can take to prevent scams.

But the mobile-friendly service hasn’t been immune to scammers, either. Even the tech-savvy younger generation - least likely to be caught in other financial scams - has been caught out.

The person sitting across from you in the restaurant is funny and interesting. Awkward get-to-know-you questions are out of the way and you’re already bonding over mutual likes and dislikes. There’s even been a few laughs. This first date is going rather well.

Then your meal arrives. You’ve barely taken a bite and notice something isn’t quite right. Perhaps the vegetables are too cold, the meat is undercooked, or something you ordered is missing.

Maybe it’s not the food that’s niggling at the back of your mind. The music might be too loud for conversation and you’re pondering whether to ask the manager to turn it down or not. Or perhaps you’ve been waiting way too long for your drinks or entrée?

It’s been another busy year for the team at Handle My Complaint. Since launching our new online system in February, we have handled almost 2,400 complaints for Australians across a range of industries.

From vehicles to travel, home renovation to insurance complaints, if there’s a customer who feels hard done by, we’ve assisted them to get the outcome they deserve. As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the situations we’ve helped resolve and share some of the lovely feedback we’ve received from our clients.

In January this year, thousands of users were locked out of their accounts when the digital platform was forced to change security settings after it was hacked. To add insult to injury, support channels were not working and all users were told by the platform’s CEO was that "you could be using the wrong email address" — via a Tweet.

Chances are you have experienced something similar. New research has found that almost three-quarters of Australians are dissatisfied with how complaints are being handled on digital platforms.

“Their voice is not always as loudly heard in Washington as the voices of smaller and better-organized groups – nor is their point of view always defined and presented. But under our economic as well as our political form of democracy, we share an obligation to protect the common interest in every decision we make.”

John F. Kennedy was writing on March 15, 1962, on what is now known as World Consumer Rights Day, in a “special message to Congress on protecting the consumer interest”. But swap Sydney or Melbourne for Washington and the then US President’s words are just as true for Australian consumers in the 21st century. If not more so.