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Peter* couldn’t believe what he was hearing: “The dealership can’t fix my car because of my poor service history.”

Yet this so-called poor history was due to several factors outside his control, including that he was unable to get records from the first dealership, which had closed, and that subsequent appointments with another Hyundai dealership were late or postponed due to Covid restrictions.

If we have a car accident or our home has been damaged, most of us will reach for the phone as soon as possible but is there a time limit on insurance claims in Australia?

What if you’re unable to make an insurance claim immediately? Will you miss out on a refund or replacement if you don’t lodge it by a certain time?

Having trouble getting the dealership to take your car troubles seriously? Is the manufacturer giving you the runaround?

It’s easy to feel like you’re a voice in the wilderness when you’re being shunted from dealer to manufacturer and back again, each blaming the other – or you – for the vehicle’s faults.

Handle My Complaint CEO Jo Ucukalo says it’s an effective tactic, as most consumers simply give up.