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Handle My Complaint is urging the Federal Government to protect consumers from so-called ‘junk insurance’ by making the Australian Consumer Law clearer.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers filed a class action against JB Hi-Fi in the Supreme Court of Victoria last week, claiming that extended warranties offer no benefit to consumers.

The emails are lobbing into your inbox with increasing regularity. You may even be getting alerts on your phone. The flashing ads are all over websites. All of them promise you amazing deals and unprecedented discounts.

There is no escaping the fact we’re hurtling toward Black Friday. And peak spending season. This mad day of discounts traditionally marks the start of Christmas shopping in the United States, falling just after Thanksgiving.

Ever wondered why your cup of coffee costs an extra 15 cents at one café and not another? Or why the service station advises that you will have to pay another 1.5 percent to use Visa or Mastercard?

It’s called a card surcharge - the amount a business charges to cover the cost of an electronic transaction, typically between 0.5 and 1.5 percent. While two-thirds of merchants absorbed this fee about five years ago, the use of debit and credit cards increased, and so has the number of businesses passing on the cost.

Ever gone to the grocery store with a list of five or six things you need and walked out with double, if not triple that? You’re far from alone.

Of course, once you’re there you might remember something else you need. Or something you usually buy is half price, so you can't resist the deal and buy a couple. And then there’s the impulse buy so many of us are guilty of.

The panic rises as the clock ticks ever closer to Christmas Day. What happened to all our good intentions with gifts for our loved ones?

Every year, we promise ourselves that next year we’ll get organised earlier and start a present cupboard. We’ll make a list of the things our loved ones like and keep an eye out for the sales and pop those precious items in the cupboard ready to be wrapped when the time comes. It makes financial sense, too, because we’re spreading our spending over the year, rather than copping it one big hit.


Christmas shopping gifts online


Great idea in theory. But, every year, we’re staring down the barrel of another last-minute rush to fill those stockings and pop something extra under the Christmas tree. Will we ever learn?

If you’re a Black Friday veteran, you’ll know that you don’t have to wait until the designated day to snap up a bargain.

Retailers have been dropping their prices all month, and your inbox and social media have probably been inundated with offers for Black Friday steals because of your past purchases.