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How to file a complaint with Honda

About Honda

Honda Australia is based in Tullamarine, Victoria and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda. Honda offers a range of motorcycles, cars as well as 2WD and AWD SUVs.

Products and services

    • Sedans
    • SUVs
    • Marine engines
    • Motorcycles
    • Power equipment


    • Accord V6 Auto
    • Accord V6 Sport Auto
    • Accord V6-L Auto
    • Accord VTi-L Auto
    • Accord VTi-L Manual
    • Accord VTi-L Sport Auto
    • Accord VTi-L Sport Manual
    • Civic CXi Auto
    • Civic CXi Manual
    • Civic CXi Sport Auto
    • Civic CXi Sport Manual
    • Civic GLi Auto
    • Civic GLi Manual
    • Civic Sport GLi Auto
    • Civic Sport GLi Manual
    • Civic Sport VTi Auto
    • Civic Vi Auto
    • Civic Vi Manual
    • Civic VTi Auto
    • Civic VTi-R Manual
    • CR-V Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Manual 4WD
    • CR-V Sport Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Sport Manual 4WD
    • HR-V Auto 4WD
    • HR-V Manual 4WD
    • HR-V Sport Auto 4WD
    • HR-V Sport Manual 4WD
    • Integra GSi Auto
    • Integra GSi Manual
    • Integra Type R Manual
    • Integra Type R Sport Manual
    • Legend Auto
    • NSX Auto
    • NSX Manual
    • NSX T Auto
    • NSX T Manual
    • Odyssey Auto
    • Odyssey V6-L Auto
    • Prelude ATTS Manual
    • Prelude Si Auto
    • Prelude Si Manual
    • Prelude VTi-R Auto
    • Prelude VTi-R Manual
    • S2000 Manual
    • Civic Indy Vi Auto
    • Civic Indy Vi Manual
    • Civic Type R Manual
    • Civic VTi Manual
    • CR-V Classic Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Classic Manual 4WD
    • CR-V Sport Classic Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Sport Classic Manual 4WD
    • Insight Manual
    • Integra Auto
    • Integra Manual
    • Integra Special Edition Auto
    • Accord 25th Anniversary V6-L Auto
    • Integra Special Edition Manual
    • Jazz GLi Auto
    • Jazz GLi Manual
    • Jazz VTi Auto
    • Jazz VTi Manual
    • Jazz VTi-S Auto
    • Jazz VTi-S Manual
    • Accord Euro Auto
    • Accord Euro Luxury Auto
    • Accord Euro Luxury Manual
    • Accord Euro Manual
    • Accord V6 Luxury Auto
    • Accord VTi Auto
    • CR-V Sport Winter Classic Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Sport Winter Classic Manual 4WD
    • CR-V Winter Classic Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Winter Classic Manual 4WD
    • Integra Luxury Auto
    • Integra Luxury Manual
    • MDX Auto 4WD
    • Odyssey V6 Auto
    • Civic Hybrid Auto
    • Integra Type S Manual
    • Odyssey Luxury Auto
    • Accord 30th Anniversary Auto
    • CR-V Special Edition Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Special Edition Manual 4WD
    • Jazz GLi Vibe Auto
    • Jazz GLi Vibe Manual
    • Jazz VTi Vibe Auto
    • Jazz VTi Vibe Manual
    • Accord Euro Sport Auto
    • Accord Euro Sport Manual
    • Accord VTi Special Edition Auto
    • Civic Sport Auto
    • Civic Sport Manual
    • Civic VTi-L Auto
    • Civic VTi-L Manual
    • CR-V Extra Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Extra Manual 4WD
    • Legend Auto 4WD
    • Accord Euro Limited Edition Auto
    • Accord Euro Limited Edition Manual
    • Accord Euro Tourer Auto
    • Accord Euro Tourer Manual
    • CR-V Luxury Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Luxury Manual 4WD
    • Accord Euro Luxury Navi Auto
    • Accord Euro Luxury Navi Manual
    • Civic 40th Anniversary Auto
    • Civic 40th Anniversary Manual
    • Accord Limited Edition Auto
    • City VTi Auto
    • City VTi Manual
    • City VTi-L Auto
    • City VTi-L Manual
    • Civic Limited Edition Auto
    • Civic Limited Edition Manual
    • Civic Si Auto
    • Civic Si Manual
    • CR-V Limited Edition Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Limited Edition Manual 4WD
    • Insight VTi Auto
    • Insight VTi-L Auto
    • Jazz GLi Limited Edition Auto
    • Jazz GLi Limited Edition Manual
    • Jazz VTi Limited Edition Auto
    • Jazz VTi Limited Edition Manual
    • CR-Z Luxury Auto
    • CR-Z Sport Auto
    • CR-Z Sport Manual
    • Civic VTi-LN Auto
    • Civic VTi-S Auto
    • Civic VTi-S Manual
    • CR-V VTi Auto
    • CR-V VTi Auto 4WD
    • CR-V VTi Manual
    • CR-V VTi Navi Auto
    • CR-V VTi-L Auto 4WD
    • CR-V VTi-S Auto 4WD
    • Jazz Vibe Auto
    • Jazz Vibe Manual
    • Jazz Vibe-S Auto
    • Accord V6L Auto
    • Accord VTi-S Auto
    • Civic DTi-S Manual
    • CR-V DTi-L Auto 4WD
    • CR-V DTi-S Auto 4WD
    • CR-V DTi-S Manual 4WD
    • CR-Z Auto
    • CR-Z Manual
    • Jazz Hybrid Auto
    • Odyssey VTi Auto
    • Odyssey VTi-L Auto
    • CR-V VTi Plus Auto 4WD
    • CR-V VTi Plus Auto
    • CR-V VTi-L Auto
    • CR-V VTi-S Auto
    • HR-V VTi Auto
    • HR-V VTi-L Auto
    • HR-V VTi-S Auto
    • Jazz VTi-L Auto
    • Accord Sport Hybrid Auto
    • City Limited Edition Auto
    • CR-V DTi-L Limited Edition Auto 4WD
    • CR-V Limited Edition Auto
    • HR-V Limited Edition Auto
    • Jazz Limited Edition Auto
    • Civic RS Auto
    • Civic VTi-LX Auto
    • NSX Premium Auto 4WD
    • CR-V VTi Auto FWD
    • CR-V VTi-L Auto FWD
    • CR-V VTi-LX Auto 4WD
    • CR-V VTi-S Auto FWD
    • Civic VTi-S LUXE Auto
    • CR-V +Sport Auto FWD
    • HR-V RS Auto
    • HR-V VTi-LX Auto
    • Jazz +Sport Auto

Common complaints

    • Vehicle repair issues
    • Hard to secure Honda Centre appointments
    • Long wait time for repairs and services

How to file a complaint with Honda

How to file a complaint via Phone

Honda contact numbers

    • Call 1800 804 954 from Australia (Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm AEST)
How to file a complaint in social media

Honda social media

Company complaint form

Honda complaint form

How to file a complaint via email

Honda mailing address

    • Write to their complaints team at: Honda, Locked Bag 95, Tullamarine, VIC 3043

Disclaimer: Handle My Complaint is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or promoting this organisation. This directory is created independently to help consumers easily find the company's contact information to have their complaints lodged quickly. 

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