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How to file a complaint with Tesla

About Tesla

Tesla is speeding up the world's shift to sustainable energy with electric automobiles, solar panels, and integrated renewable energy solutions. Tesla is pushing ahead with plans to build a network of fast-charging stations across Australia.

Products and services

    • Electric cars
    • Powerwall
    • Accessories
    • Other merchandise


    • Roadster Sport Auto
    • Model S 60 Auto
    • Model S 85 Auto
    • Model S P85 Auto
    • Model S 70 Auto
    • Model S 70D Auto AWD
    • Model S 85D Auto AWD
    • Model S P85D Auto AWD
    • Model S 60D Auto AWD
    • Model S 75 Auto
    • Model S 75D Auto AWD
    • Model S 90D Auto AWD
    • Model S P100D Auto AWD
    • Model S P90D Auto AWD
    • Model S 100D Auto AWD
    • Model X 100D Auto AWD
    • Model X 75D Auto AWD
    • Model X 90D Auto AWD
    • Model X P100D Auto AWD
    • Model X P90D Auto AWD
    • Model 3 Automatic
    • Model S Automatic
    • Model X Automatic
    • Model 3 Manual
    • Model S Manual
    • Model X Manual

Common complaints

    • Cruise control issues
    • Paint and rusting
    • Touchscreen failure
    • Electronic key card issues

How to file a complaint with Tesla

How to file a complaint via Phone

Tesla contact numbers

    • Call 1 800 64 6952 from Australia or +61 2 8015 2834 from overseas
How to file a complaint in social media

Tesla social media







Company complaint form

Tesla complaint form

How to file a complaint via email

Tesla mailing address

    • Write to their complaints team at: Tesla Level 14, 15 Blue St, North Sydney, NSW 2060

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