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How to file a complaint with ticketek

About Ticketek

Ticketek is an Australian event ticketing company. It operates ticketing services for entertainment and sporting events in Australia and New Zealand.

Products and services

    • Sport tickets
    • Concert tickets
    • Theatre tickets
    • Art show tickets
    • Family and attraction tickets
    • Comedy show tickets
    • Experience tickets

Common complaints

    • Hard to claim refunds
    • Hard to claim exchanges
    • Poor customer service
    • False advertising

How to file a complaint with Ticketek

How to file a complaint via Phone

Ticketek contact numbers

    • Call 13 28 49 from Australia
How to file a complaint in social media

Ticketek social media

Company complaint form

Ticketek complaint form

How to file a complaint via email

Ticketek mailing address

    • Write to their complaints team at: Ticketek, GPO Box 1610, Sydney, NSW 2001

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