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Success stories

We're experts at complaining - we're happy to do it because we know how and we get results.

We've got a great record - here are some of our favourite cases.

1. Banks and Financial Instutions
2. Telecommunications
3. Government Institutions
4. Electrical Appliances
5. Vehicle Hire
6. Furniture and Homeware
7. Travel and Accommodation

Service Fee

The fee for our help is 20% +GST (minimum $110 incl. GST) which is charged once we get a successful result for your complaint - usually in the form of a refund, replacement, reduction, repair or compensation. Some example of how our fee is calculated are: the value of a replacement product we organise, the amount reduced off a fee or the refund amount for a service received. Remember: If we don't win, you don't pay!

Bank and Financial Institution Complaints

$85,000 saved! Reduction in Early Termination Fees on Home Loans

Our clients have two home loans with a leading Australian bank. They applied to have the interest rate for both loans fixed, however when interest rates reduced significantly, they wanted to switch out of a fixed interest rate and back to a variable interest rate. The clients were not properly informed by the bank of the fees involved to terminate their fixed rate agreement at the time of application. With our assistance, the fees charged to exit the fixed interest rate contracts were reduced from $117,000 to $32,000.

Foreign Currency Processing Fee for Credit Card

Our client was not issued the document outlining the fees and charges for the credit card she was issued by a top four Australian Bank. Shortly after, our client travelled overseas and used her new credit card. With our assistance, we obtained a full refunded of fees that she was not properly informed of at the time of collecting the card.

10 000 Reward Points for Credit Card Application

Our client received an offer in the mail to receive a bonus 10 000 reward points for successful application of a credit card. The offer was not honoured when a promotional staff credit card was issued. We successfully argued that the client's details were obtained through her employer therefore she should be eligible for the 10 000 reward points that were offered.

Monthly Service Fee for Bank Account

Our client was charged a monthly service fee for maintaining a bank account. She enquired with the bank's Customer Service department whether the bank would waive the monthly service fee for Health Care Card holders. She was informed on the phone that the bank did not waive this fee under these circumstances. When she asked the same question at a branch, she was informed that the bank was able to waive the monthly fee for Health Care Card holders. Acting on her behalf, we requested the bank refund the monthly fees that had been charged over the months since the client called the bank's Customer Service department. We successfully obtained a refund for the entire amount requested.

Telecommunication Complaints

Porting Fee charged by VOIP Telecommunications Provider

Our client requested to have her existing number ported to her new VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telecommunications provider. The provider had stated in the terms and conditions accompanying the Porting Application that they reserved the right to charge a fee for porting. We pointed out to the VOIP provider that their documentation did not clearly state that a fee would be charged and how much the fee would be. Shortly after, our client received a refund of the porting fee she was charged.

Government Institution Complaints

General Interest Charge for Late Lodgement of Tax Returns

Our client was late lodging a few years worth of tax returns. Although she was due a refund for all her late lodgement returns, she was charged General Interest. We successfully argued that the General Interest Charge be refunded.

Medical Surcharge Levy Charged Incorrectly by ATO

Our client was charged an incorrect rate for the Medicare Surcharge levy during a tax return. She had contacted the ATO by phone on numerous occasions but was unable to persuade the person on the other end that they had made a mistake. Our correspondence to the ATO demonstrated how they had miscalculated the Medicare Surcharge levy charged to our client. Once reviewed, the ATO obligingly refunding the money and corrected their error for future tax returns.

Electrical Appliance Complaints

Hair Straightener with 10 year Warranty

Our client purchased a hair straightener with a digital display and a 10-year warranty. When she approached the major hairdresser supply outlet in Adelaide responsible for repairing her item, she was informed that the warranty would not be honoured as they assumed the straightener had suffered an impact. After extensive correspondence from us, the hairdresser supply outlet agreed to refund the purchase price of the hair straightener to our client.

$417 refunded! Ipod Docking Station with Extended Warranty Plan

Our client purchased a top-brand Ipod docking station and a 3-year extended warranty plan. When the unit failed the first time after only months of service, it was replaced. When the second unit failed within 12 months of the original purchase date, the underwriter of the extended warranty plan refused to replace or repair the unit. After detailing why the terms and conditions of the plan were contradictory and confusing, our client received a refund of the full purchase price and amount paid for extended warranty.

Free repair outside warranty! Games Console Repaired Outside Warranty Period

Our client purchased a major-brand games console. The console operated well for 12 months, however almost as soon as it was out of its warranty period the console suffered a major breakdown. We explained to the manufacturer that the console should have lasted a lot longer that it did and they agreed with us. Our client was able to have her games console repaired at no charge, even packaging and postage was included!

Vehicle Hire Complaints

$900 lost deposit returned! Outstanding Vehicle Security Deposit

Our clients hired a campervan from a well-known hire vehicle provider. The vehicle suffered a small dent in their travels, however 10 weeks after returning the vehicle they had not been provided a quote for repairs and no repairs had been completed. With our assistance, our clients obtained a FULL refund of their security deposit PLUS the interest charged on their credit card for the delay.

Furniture and Homeware Complaints

Replacement (with delivery included) of a defective dining table

After 18 months of use, our client's dining table had begun splitting. She disassembled the dining table and transported it to the store of purchase where she was told an exchange or refund was not possible because the store no longer stocked that particular table. After requesting our help, we obtained not only a new dining table for her but the store delivered the new table to her home.

Refund of Purchase Price for Damaged Furniture

Our clients travelled to China to have furniture custom made. Once the furniture arrived in Australia, it started to deteriorate due to the variations in climatic conditions. We politely requested that half of the purchase price and shipping costs be refunded for damaged but salvageable items and the full purchase price and shipping costs be refunded for unsalvageable damaged items. The manufacturer graciously accepted our correspondence and refunded the amounts we requested on behalf of our clients.

Travel and Accommodation Complaints

$1,000 goodwill paid for expenses incurred! Payment for Passenger Left Stranded

Our client was left stranded overseas and unable to return home to Australia after a European national carrier airline collapsed. Although our client purchased her airline tickets through one of Australia's largest travel agencies, they failed to notify her or her family that the airline had collapsed and an alternate flight would need to be booked. This caused the client considerable unexpected expense given she was stranded in another country. With our persuasion, the travel agency offered a $1,000 goodwill payment and completed the travel insurance claim on behalf of our client for failing to notify our client of the airline collapse.

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