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4 ways we’ve gotten out of car-related fines – part 1

This article is part 1 in our series on how to avoid unjust and unfair fines

Here at Two Hoots, we hate dodgy fines! So we've pulled together a series of tips for getting out of car-related fines in cases where we feel it was unjust or unfair to be fined.

1. By not admitting fault

Be truthful, but don’t admit fault. If pulled over and asked if you are aware that you were speeding, answering 'yes' makes it an open and shut case. If you may wish to challenge the ticket, don't do the hard work for them.

2. By challenging the fine as soon as possible

Challenge promptly. If you are going to challenge a traffic infringement, get it underway as quickly as possible as extensions aren't often granted for those who challenge fines.

3. By using our driving history as leverage

If you want to contest a speeding ticket, have a great driving record over many years and you weren't much over the speed limit, write a letter to request the fine and demerit points be waived as you've established a good driving history over many years. It does work!

4. By checking the speed camera setup

Double-check speed camera setup. The setup of vehicles with speed cameras is quite technical. If you're nabbed by one of these, only if safe, pull over and take a few photos of the vehicle's set up including distance and angle from the curb as well as the opposing view. You can easily request your state's regulations for the setup of these cameras. If there are any anomalies regarding the setup, this is great grounds for challenging the fine.

If you think you have gotten an unfair fine, you can lodge a complaint with us and we’ll make sure you follow the correct process.

We’re here to help you handle it, just let us know the details of your complaint here.