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Here’s why Australians get a free 2 year warranty on their Apple products

With the average Australian signing up for a 24 month phone contract, it is fairly reasonable to expect that their phone will be protected for the duration of that period. Luckily this is now true in Australia thanks to a decision by Aussie regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The determination by the ACCC signals and end to Apple's global 1 year consumer guarantee in Australia.

The simple truth behind the now free extended warranty is that customers are buying a product they should expect to last 2 years. Jo Ucukalo, consumer expert and CEO of Handle My Complaint explains that by signing a 24 month contact customers are committing to a single brand for 2 years. Brands ought to commit to their customers in return.

What this guarantee covers:

    • Apple products including the iPad, iPhone, MacBook and iMac
    • Non-Apple products sold-in store such as their Beats headphone line

The new and upcoming Apple Watch is almost certainly included too.

Here at Handle My Complaint, we urge anyone with a broken Apple product within 2 years of signing a contract or purchasing it outright to seek a repair, refund or replacement from Apple and/or their telco provider.

Be wary of:

    • Extended warranties (since you are guaranteed a 2 years anyway)
    • The cost of the item (since this makes a difference to the duration of your warranty)

According to the ACCC, white goods and larger household items such as TVs and washing machines have a 12-month minimum warranty guaranteed but with Apple products this was less clear.

What was clear is that the cost of an item influences how long a base warranty is provided. Some indicative examples now include:

    • $400 iPad (2 years warranty)
    • $900 fridge (5 years warranty)
    • $8,000 TV (10 years warranty)

Australians need to carefully consider the quality of an item and what is reasonable in the circumstances.

Another aspect to note is the distinction between a major and minor fault. A major fault is where a product can't be used for its intended purpose, such as not being able to receive calls. On the other hand, minor cosmetic issues such as a scratch on the back of the phone are typically a minor fault.

Major and minor faults can have different outcomes:

    • Major fault: the customer decides whether they want a repair, replacement or refund
    • Minor fault: the retailer or manufacturer decides whether to repair, replace or refund

We urge all Australian's to get a fair deal with their mobile phone by reaching out to either the manufacturer or telco provider on the following details:

Apple Australia: [email protected] or 1300 731 487

Telstra: 125 100 or online

Optus: 133 937

Vodafone: 1300 650 410

Virgin Mobile: 1300 555 100

Have you taken advantage of the 2 year warranty on Apple products? Let us know here.

Filing a complaint

If you find an issue with your Apple device, you can lodge a complaint with us and we’ll make sure you follow the correct process.

We’re here to help you handle it, just let us know the details of your complaint here.