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A street showing cars with fines

4 ways we’ve gotten out of car-related fines – part 2

This article is part 2 in our series on how to avoid unjust and unfair fines

Do you feel like you understand the best way to appeal and avoid an unfair parking fine? If not, read on.

1. By knowing parking areas are a one-time use kind of thing

When a parking sign says "10 mins only" what it actually means is 10 minutes only for that whole parking area, not just that particular spot. This means you're likely to get stung if you move your car to another spot nearby.

2. By looking for adequate signage

Limited parking must be adequately signed. In 2012, $110,000 worth of parking fines issued during the 2010 and 2011 Brisbane International at Tennyson will be refunded after a review determined there was not enough signage around the area warning motorist. If you feel you've not been properly informed of the restrictions, it's definitely worth challenging the fine.

3. By knowing our towing procedures

Challenge towing on procedures. Before your car is towed, the towing attendant may be required to obtain proof that your car warranted towing. By challenging the infringement you can ensure that the right procedure was followed, if not, your fine should be waived.

4. By liking our toll account to our hire car

I was recently slugged with fees when my ETag/EToll failed to register in a hire car. Although I had done the right thing and registered the hire car with the toll company, I still received numerous infringement bills. Toll providers in various states failed to communicate my requests. This resulted in almost $100 in fees for a 3-days car hire. By back-tracking through the process, I was able to prove I did the right thing, registered the hire vehicle and the fees were waived from both the toll company and the hire car.

Have you encountered an unfair fine? Let us know and we'll help you handle it.

We’re here to help you handle it, just let us know the details of your complaint here.