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How can we be of service? Let us count the ways. We actually mean service – unlike those who have promised it before and didn’t show up when it counted most. Consider these insider tips your key to consumer affairs.
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Get your defective iPhone 5 battery replaced for free

If you find your iPhone 5 runs out of juice too quickly, Apple has a fix. Well, maybe they have a fix.

Apple has admitted their iPhone 5 battery is faulty. Yay for Apple. And they have been replacing some batteries.

Unfortunately customers have complained to us that Apple won’t replace their iPhone 5 battery even though their phone doesn’t last a day.

According to Apple, the problem affects only a very small percentage of phones, which they claim can be identified from a phone’s serial number. We believe the problem is more widespread than only a few phones. As a result, customers are missing out on value for money.

Apple has also excluded customers from the free replacement by requiring signs of damage including cracked screens to be repaired (for a fee) before they’ll replace the battery. Perhaps the reason the phone has a cracked screen is because of the poor battery life?

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The release of the Apple Watch has been met with criticism over the battery life of a mere 18 hours. Yet another battery issue for Apple, it seems.

What you might not know is a dodgy battery isn’t the first issue with the iPhone 5. Apple replaced the sleep/wake button after complaints that the button sometimes stopped working or worked only intermittently. Apple fixed the problem for free, but only for customers they deemed eligible.

Customers buy Apple products at a premium price with the expectation their device will last the distance.

In 2013 Apple was made to provide a minimum 2-year warranty on all its products sold in Australia to reflect the higher purchase price. Previously, Apple was rejecting claims for repairs or replacements for product over 12 months old. The change to 2-year warranty was a big win for consumers because it meant that if you look after your device it will last 2 years, or be repaired or replaced at Apple’s expense.

If Apple can be required to offer a 2-year warranty on all their products, we believe they can be convinced to build products with reliable batteries.

If you’ve got an iPhone 5 and your battery requires charging too frequently, please join our campaign to get your battery replaced free of charge.

In less than 30 seconds, you’ll have your phone battery problem reported with us and we’ll take it up with Apple. It’s that simple to resolve a problem you’ve been living with every day.

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