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Feeling the sting of yet another surging power bill? There is some relief on the way – providing you meet the eligibility criteria.

Handing down the Federal Budget on 9 May, Treasurer Jim Chalmers said more than five million households would have up to $500 deducted from their power bills in the next financial year through the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

But are you one of them?

Power bills are on the rise again but don’t despair. There are ways you can not only save money on electricity but actually make some.

The Victorian Government has just announced that it will give consumers $250 to use its energy comparison site. It is basically incentivising you to take a closer look at your electricity bill.

Your dryer is one of the greediest appliances in your home. Aside from your refrigerator, it guzzles electricity faster than every other appliance in your household.

With about two out of every 10 Australians unable to pay their electric bill at least once a year because they can't afford it, it's about time you said “Adios!” to the electrical dryer and opt for the healthier, cheaper option of line-drying your clothes.

Your current washing machine has probably lasted at least 10 years, so if you’re looking for a replacement, a lot has changed since your last purchase.

The average Australian household does 4-5 loads of washing per week. We rely on our washing machine almost as much as our refrigerator. So it's no surprise that performance rather than price is what most people care about when making their decision on which type to buy.

To help you make the right decision, the Two Hoots team has compared the modern day front loaders and top loaders on price, performance and longevity. Our results will surprise you.