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How can we be of service? Let us count the ways. We actually mean service – unlike those who have promised it before and didn’t show up when it counted most. Consider these insider tips your key to consumer affairs.

The 5 terrible shoppers we’ve all been at least once

Customer behaviour is getting out-of-hand and companies are shifting their policies in response to thorn-in-the-side or dishonest customers. So does the blame rest with your fellow shoppers or could you be one of those never-to-be-pleased customers? Either way, bad consumer behaviour means, you lose out. In honour of those capricious customers, we've made a list of our least favourite consumer complainers. Yep, this is our wall of shame!

1. 10-Items-Or-Pest

The Action: This unsavoury shopper has made an art of two things: making 20 items look like 10, and giving that deceptively sheepish grin when they find out they're in the express lane. They weasel their way into the fast lane because they don't want pass the time in the proper line. The Reaction: Don't be surprised if your fellow shoppers step in, point out the items limit and send you packing. A quick count of items in your hand basket and abiding by the limits will make a quick shop actually that for other customers.

2. Cart Sloth

The Action: These customers are too lazy to put their carts back into the parking lot cart rack. Rather than walk the extra 30-seconds to place their cart with its companions, they leave the four-wheeler lonely and languishing in the parking lot, turning carts into car-seeking missiles with a penchant for dents and scrapes. The Reaction:  Carts become a danger to your vehicle's paint job and a pain for employees who have to corral them instead of helping you. When you feel to tired to return your cart, muster up the energy and do your fellow shopper (and their paint job) a favour.

3. Never-Say-Pleased

The Action: The never happy consumer has an insatiable appetite for dissatisfaction. Whether it's the steak they just ordered or the bargain they just bought, something always goes wrong and they make it clear with an animated tirade. Meanwhile, you and your fellow shoppers or diners wait patiently as a legion of staff members try to calm their crazed complaining. The Reaction: An increase in customer complaints can lead to a decrease in employee's patience for resolving disputes in ways that benefit all customers. Translation – next time you bring up a legitimate concern, you may be dismissed or ignored. If you're ready to complain about something insignificant, take some time to reconsider. If you have a legitimate complaint to make, remember that kindness and patience helps to get a great result.

4. Mr. Forgetful

The Action: Most stores only allow full returns with a receipt. Yet there's always one shopper who forgets to bring their receipt, acts surprised they can't get a full return, then unleashes a tirade of dispersion and dissatisfaction that would make your grandmother blush. The Reaction: The employee's nerves become frayed while you demand your money back.  Check out the store's return policies before you buy. While you're at it, understand the difference between a major fault and minor fault according to the Australian Consumer Law. If the item has a major fault, you have the right to get a refund. If it's a minor fault, the store choses between a refund, repair or replacement.

5. Never-Say-Thank-You

The Action: Waiters, cashiers and other employees work their hardest to please the Never-Say-Thank-You customer, going the extra mile to bring a smile to this cranky shopper's face. Meanwhile, the NSTY refuses to make eye contact or express their gratitude for the extra effort. They act as if service provides aren't actually people. The reaction: Employees feel undervalued by the NSTY, whose 'I-don't-care attitude' wears them out and results in a negative work experience. If you are (or can be at times) a Never-Say-Thank-You customer, we've got the simple solution. Make eye contact with the person providing you a service as a start. Smile and give them a friendly “Hello” or “Hi”, and remember to thank them. This courtesy will brighten their day and increases the chances the next customer will have a more positive experience. A little “Thank you” can go a long way! Have you seen shoppers like this? Let us know in the comments below!