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How can we be of service? Let us count the ways. We actually mean service – unlike those who have promised it before and didn’t show up when it counted most. Consider these insider tips your key to consumer affairs.
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9 secret tips of the well-travelled

From booking flights to international ATM fee, follow our expert advice and improve your travel savvy. Here you go...

The not-so-common travel tips:

1. It's true, the destination doesn't matter

Choose your destination last! Seriously - when planning your trip, save money by searching for locations that are offering discounts or deals during the time you want to travel before deciding on your destination.

2. Booking return flights is old school

Don't assume budget airlines are the cheapest option. Check all airlines and compare the total cost of travelling once you include taxes, meals and baggage.

Try searching for two "one-way" flights instead of a "return" - sometimes there's a significant price difference.

3. Car hire (* fuel not included), say what?

Often the rental company's price for fuel seems like a good deal (less expensive than what you'd pay at the bowser), however the rental company charges you for a full tank, regardless of how much fuel you return the car with.

4. Have lunch like a king

Generally, it's cheaper to eat your lunch at a restaurant than your dinner, so a fancy lunch and budget dinner will keep more spending money in your pocket.

5. Double dipping on insurance - don't do it!

If you have a credit card, check what travel insurance it offers. Many credit card companies offer travel insurance to those who book their holiday using their credit card. Check the terms of your insurance as some cards only offer limited cover.

6. Did you say you'll have fees with that?

If travelling internationally, compare the cost of using international ATMs with using an electronic travel wallet or travel card. These alternatives are prepaid currency cards that allow you to load your travel money at a fixed exchange rate onto the card which can be used at ATMs or shops. Take a look at Cash Passport as an option. It's also worth investigating the 28 degrees credit card from GE Money. It may save you fees and charges if you use it instead of your regular bank account or credit card.

7. Quickest way to lose your travel buddies

Let your credit card company know if you intend to use your card in another country. This can save you the embarrassment of having the card declined.

8. Free stuff ! Well, free from sales tax at least

Some countries offer a refund on all, or part of, the sales tax you pay on large purchases. You may need to complete a form and show proof of purchase but if you do purchase an expensive item, it can save you a bundle. Wikipedia is a good place to start your research.

If you encounter any issues while travelling, such as a complaint with your booked hotel or airline, you can lodge a complaint with us and we’ll make sure you follow the correct process.

We’re here to help you handle it, just let us know the details of your complaint here.