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Feeling the sting of yet another surging power bill? There is some relief on the way – providing you meet the eligibility criteria.

Handing down the Federal Budget on 9 May, Treasurer Jim Chalmers said more than five million households would have up to $500 deducted from their power bills in the next financial year through the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

But are you one of them?

Picture this: It's the end of the month, and you're anxiously waiting for your next paycheck. An unexpected expense throws your budget off balance, and you're desperate for a solution. Enter the payday loan, seemingly a saving grace in your time of need, promising immediate relief.

When we find ourselves in financial strife, it's tempting to look for a short-term fix – sometimes it’s payday loans; other times it’s through wage advance apps. But whichever you choose, it can cost you big time.

Qantas proudly sells itself as “the spirit of Australia” but if that’s the case the spirit is not happy. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Qantas received the highest number of complaints of any airline in the 2022 financial year. Most grievances related to service issues, such as flight delays and long wait times to speak with customer service agents.

Ever gone to the grocery store with a list of five or six things you need and walked out with double, if not triple that? You’re far from alone.

Of course, once you’re there you might remember something else you need. Or something you usually buy is half price, so you can't resist the deal and buy a couple. And then there’s the impulse buy so many of us are guilty of.

The person sitting across from you in the restaurant is funny and interesting. Awkward get-to-know-you questions are out of the way and you’re already bonding over mutual likes and dislikes. There’s even been a few laughs. This first date is going rather well.

Then your meal arrives. You’ve barely taken a bite and notice something isn’t quite right. Perhaps the vegetables are too cold, the meat is undercooked, or something you ordered is missing.

Maybe it’s not the food that’s niggling at the back of your mind. The music might be too loud for conversation and you’re pondering whether to ask the manager to turn it down or not. Or perhaps you’ve been waiting way too long for your drinks or entrée?